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natural abstractions for living spaces

I create immersive abstract photographs from the most familiar parts of nature — leaves, shells, ice, and seeds. My art recreates the feeling of holding nature in your hands, and connecting with it on a personal level. Learn about my art, my process, or how to purchase or license the art.


This art creates a modern calm atmosphere, focusing on individuals gracefully floating against a subtle abstract background.

melting ice

Melting Ice celebrate the sculptural forms and sense of motion created as ice begins to melt. This is art with subtle shades of steel blue and soft grey.

angles + lines

This is very abstract art made of angles and simple geometric patterns. It would feel right at home in modern, clean interior designs.


This collection of art is filled to the edge with the natural textures (from bark, stone, and leaves) for a solid and organic style.

autumn colors

A collection of photographs that explore the range of colors that explode every autumn in the northeast.

spring flowers

This collection explores the fragile and short-lived beauty of the first blooms of spring — forsythia, crocuses, and crabapple blossoms.

new art

A collection of the art I most recently made.