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my artwork

I create immersive abstract photographs from the most familiar parts of nature — leaves, shells, ice, and seeds. My art recreates the feeling of holding nature in your hands, and connecting with it on a personal level. Learn about my art, my process, or how to purchase or license the art.

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new art

An overview of all of my most recent art. (You can also see my new art on Instagram.)

autumn colors

A collection of photographs that explore the range of colors that explode every autumn in the northeast.

angles + lines

This is very abstract art made of angles and simple geometric patterns. It would feel right at home in modern, clean interior designs.


This art creates a modern calm atmosphere, focusing on individuals gracefully floating against a subtle abstract background.

melting ice

Melting Ice celebrate the sculptural forms and sense of motion created as ice begins to melt.

landscape illusions

When exploring the details of nature, I often imagine a vast landscape hiding within this tiny world.

new jersey

These photographs are specially connected to the natural beauty found around my home in northern New Jersey.

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