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Art that adds life to distinctive hotels, resorts, and homes. get introduced to my art

My art adds life to homes, hotels, spas, and restaurants by cultivating a sense of engagement and contemplation. From the most familiar things in nature — leaves, petals, seeds, shells — I create abstract art that is alive with stories and emotions. Learn more.


In this art, I portrayed a series of individuals gracefully floating and drifting through a delicate atmosphere.


Art that speaks of stability and strength; that establishes a foundation to grow from, making you feel protected and safe.


This art conveys a constant and purposeful sense of motion and energy.

spring flowers

This collection explores the fragile and short-lived beauty of the first blooms of spring.

autumn colors

Art that explore the rich family of colors that explode every autumn in the northeast.

melting ice

Celebrate the sculptural forms and sense of motion created as ice begins to melt.

new art

A collection of the art I most recently made.

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