I create meditations on the everyday significance of nature.

As an artist, I’m curious about that moment when we first discovered nature as children. I try to understand how that moment continues to influence us, shape our thoughts, and impact the the way we relate to nature as adults. I create art that tries to rediscover what that original moment of awareness might have felt like, when we suddenly saw the everyday in a new light.

This is where my art begins.This is where my art begins.

I use abstract photography to transform the most common and familiar parts of nature — leaves, flowers, seeds, bark — into something new and unexpected. I want to spark a moment that is both recognition and inspiration — we see a leaf, but we also see something more. These ideas collaborate to forge new connections in our minds. They help us better understand the relationship between our selves and the natural world.

Nature has to be more than beautiful or awe-inspiring — it has to have a living significance to our daily lives. I hope my art can help us rediscover nature, and find that significance again.

This is where my art begins.

Daybreak - an abstraction of a fallen leaf.